🎀Old Original🎀

Thank y’aal for the happy birthdays<3333!  I got many on graal from some very sweet people and it was nice of everybody:))  Plus, Astarte made an awesomeeee happy bday post! Ty gurl ilyyyyy!  On to the post, this is an old creation of mine that I found one of my friends wearing.  Aparently, my first head from scratch, (this following post), had been stolen by the well known bi***, Mrs Black Maid.   Well,  it’s RIGHTFULLY mine, I made it with my own inspiration and no template help.  I thought that posting it in my name and putting my face back on it, taking ‘BM’ (Black Maid) off and proving her guilty of my work also.  I hope when i see anybody wearing this, that it is from here and they just tell “BM” to screw off. Love y’aal, give all credit to me and you found it on this site. xoxo,



~ by munecagraal on August 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “🎀Old Original🎀”

  1. I love that head Tox and yeah you made it from scratch I remember , so yeah somebody we know not only steals “Edits” like she says, she steals heads and bodies from scratch too ^.^ , love you Tox 💕

  2. :3

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