🎨 Gfx Friends


🎨Bri and Dolly– http://www.missesdolly.wordpress.com

🎨Muneca– http://www.munecagraalgfx.wordpress.com

🎨Rhy– http://www.lovejjgfx.weebly.com

🎨Kuroi Divine- http://www.kuroidivinegfx.wordpress.com

🎨Luckystar- http://www.luckystargfx.wordpress.com

🎨Gracki and Snowbear- http://www.grackiandsnowbeargfx.wordpress.com

🎨Mimi- http://www.mimigfx.wordpress.com

🎨Darknight- http://www.derpykitten.wordpress.com

🎨Cøøkie Bær- http://www.cookiebearsgraal.wordpress.com

🎨Naey Maphasy- http://www.naeymaphasy.wordpress.com

🎨Adrigraal- http://www.adrigraal.wordpress.com

🎨Lilkitten- http://www.rainbowcutiegraal.wordpress.com

📰Redbullone ( Graal News) http://www.errorsblog.wordpress.com


🎨Jade- http://www.darkcherribunnehs.wordpress.com

🎨Clara, Linda, Tamsen and Nigfy:  http://www.linnyclaragfx.wordpress.com/








18 Responses to “🎨 Gfx Friends”

  1. Thank you so much for adding me, even though I’ve just started ! ^~^

  2. i love your heads and wanted to ask if we can be gfx friends ?

  3. hello if you dont mind adding my website http://errorsblog.wordpress.com/ to the list that would be great i am a news website and i added you to my list of websites

  4. Done ^.^

  5. if you don’t mind add meh please cx i want more peeps to find out about meh website

  6. hello if you added my website errorsblog.wordpress.com i want to let you know i changed my domain its now graalonlinedaily.wordpress.com thanks 🙂 so errorsblog website link will no longer work i suggest changing it

  7. linnyclaragfx.wordpress.com
    thank u ❤

  8. Done, Clara 🙂

  9. Hi, if its ok with you can we be gfx friends? : )

  10. I want to be added on your gfx friends page

  11. Catteyandnonogfx.wordpress.com thanks! 🙂

  12. hey, pls add my site! I love ur site ur very talented (::


    ty. already added urs

  13. can u add me its
    ill add u too

  14. hey
    where bri blog ?

  15. please add us ❤ i am in love with your pixel art style! mine is pastelgothgfx.wordpress.com

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